Kids welcome!

Hey kids - your holidays start now and they couldn´t get any better!

The resort Marjal Costablanca is glad to welcome you. There is a Mini- and a Juniorclub with entertainment and events waiting for you! You will go crazy about the great indoor playground or you can play games, watch a movie, take part in a lot of competions and games, get ready for a musical or so much more. But the very best is the pool area, there is one for babies and a cool one for bigger kids with water slides and other highlights. During the whole summer there are a lot of monitored activities and you just have to join and enjoy. Or you prefer the adventure playground? Take a ride with a scooter or a go-cart? Play mini-golf, paddle or tennis? One thing is for sure - you will not get bored at any time and Mum and Dad may relax on the sun-lounger, knowing that you are having fun and are well taken care of.