Belangrijk om te weten

Belangrijk om te weten

General rent terms and other important information

The rental includes:
  • The rent price of the reserved mobile home with its equipment
  • Linen and towels (to be changed once a week)
  • One vehicle can be parked on the plot of the mobile home - other parking areas are available at the entrance of the resort
The access to all the free offers, services, animations and facilities at the camping place. These services are not offered by LG Residency Management GmbH, but instead by a third party. The liability for these services is excluded.

The rental does not include:
  • Cancellation costs
  • The final cleaning of the holiday accommodation will be done by LGRM GmbH. Nevertheless, some cleaning rules have to be followed  by the tenant. By non-fulfilment an extra cleaning charge (minimum amount 60 EUR) will be raised. The final decision is made by the responsible person for LG Residency Management GmbH.
  • The security deposit of 100 euros (to pay in cash on location, attention: no card payment possible! In case that the security deposit were not paid, we reserve the right to make available the rented property. The facts of the case would lead to a cancellation on the part of the tenant and will be treated accordingly)
  • Additional services by a third party/other suppliers
  • The transport to the resort.
  • Personal costs (trips, food, leisure activities etc.)


LG Residency Management GmbH rents accommodations in the resort Marjal Costa Blanca Eco Resort, Crevillente - Catral (Alicante Spain). It is not the resort operator or offerer of the reort´s services.

Methods of payment and modalities
  • Rent price: By credit card (via telephone) or bank transfer: Important! From 01. 02. 2014 the IBAN and BIC must be given within the scope of the SEPA-Transfer also for national transfers.
  • Deposit: When you check-in a deposit of 100 EUR in cash is due. It will be refunded when you check-out.
  • Payment: Normally, the payment must be done 30 days before your arrival with the due amount for your stay. Then, cancellation without costs won't be possible. If you would like to cancel without cost during this period, please tell us as soon as possible so we can take a decision. We always advice you to contract a travel insurance that covers the cancellation costs. If you prefer to pay in cash, please inform us BEFORE the payment date, in this case 20% of the due amount must be paid 30 days before your arrival at the latest. In case of credit cards which are not valid we may cancel the booking.

Attention: If the rent price were not paid completely, there is no right to access the accommodation.

Confirmation of a rental contract (holidays renting)

The booking must be confirmed by LGRM to become valid. To complete the rent contract, the whole amount of the rent must be paid. Reservation payments must be realized in time. Otherwise there is no right to enter and use the accommodation. Until this moment LG Residency Mangement GmbH is entitled to dispose of the holiday accommodations freely and otherwise.
As soon as the agreed rent is completely paid for the holiday property, we send you a confirmation o the booking, with the important data of the arriving guests. These documents are due to be presented on request on location, in order to be able to move into the holiday property. Only with the payment of the agreed rent price exists a right of use.

Change a booking (subject to availability):

In case that something changes in your travel plans, please let us now. We will try to offer you an alternative. We will inform you of possible add-on costs.

Cancel a booking

The cancellation of an already solid booked accommodation (effective realization of a legal agreement), must occur compelling by e-mail or by fax within 48 hours after the event which is the reason for this cancellation.

Cancellation costs

With a cancellation (it is valid the date of the receipt of the letter by LG Residency Management GmbH):
  • More than 30 days before beginning of the stay: 20% of the total of the booked rent price will be charged as cancellation costs
  • Less than 30 days before beginning of your stay, with nonappearance, late arrival or premature departure: 100% of the total of the booked rent price will be charged as cancellation costs

Travel cancellation insurance

In life may always occur an unforeseen situation which impede the beginning of a trip. However charges can occur. To decrease this risk, you should consider the possibility to purchase travel cancellation insurance.

Arrival and departure

The arrival should take place on the agreed day (beginning of the rent term) in the time between 4 p.m. - 7 p.m..
The departure should take place on the agreed day (end of the rent term) in the time between 8 a.m. - 10 a.m.. Beside these times a previous arrangement must compelling have been met for a special arrival or departure time in written form. Otherwise charges can occur.

You must register in the reception of the resort on your arrival according to the valid regulations of Spanish Law and check out again on the departure.
Late arrival due to unpredictable events:
With an arrival out of these times, we cannot guarantee that you can move into your accommodation on the same day.
We must therefore ask you to inform LG Residency Management GmbH contact person about possible impediments. The phone number is on your rental contract.
Departure: At the latest, the day before departure you must arrange with the contact person on location a time for the check out.
These appointments will be usually awarded in fifteen-minute intervals between 8.00 and 10.00 o'clock (Please understand that not all guests can depart at the same time). There is no entitlement that the holiday property is taken precisely at the time desired. However, we try of course to consider your wishes. 
But please make sure that the proper and entire return of the object takes absolutely place at the agreed time, because otherwise charges can occur.
Important note: if damages or dirt are caused whose removal is impossible or exceeds the amount of the security deposit, the LGRM reserves the right to assert other demands.

The security deposit for the accommodation

During the day of your arrival you must deposit a total caution of at least 100 EUR in cash on site. This security deposit is refunded after the proper check out. We reserve the right to withhold the costs for any damages or not proper cleaning.
During your stay you will get some bracelets. These may not be transfered to anybody else. If the bracelet is not returned on check-out, we keep 10 EUR each bracelet.

Visitors tax

Currently no visitors tax incurs on location. If it were raised at a later time, it is not included in the price.

Registration as a guest in the Resort

It is mandatory that all persons (also those, who only come for a short time visit during the day) register themselves at the Resort reception and fulfil the necessary formalities. The regulations of the resort and the laws of the country apply here. Please make yourself absolutely familiar with them. The entrance of vehicles which are not registered before is forbidden and or can be prohibited. A violation on the part of the tenant this can lead to legal consequences taken by the resort and lead possibly to a dismissal on site. LG Residency Management GmbH assumes no liability in such a case and no refunding of the rental price will take place.

Obligations of the tenant

The tenant must  handle with care the rented accommodation and the inventory contained in it and to show consideration for the other visitors and guests. He or she acknowledge the house regulations of the Eco Resort Camping Marjal Costa Blanca. Furnishings may not be removed - also not temporarily - from the rent object. Damages or defects are immediately to be notified to LGRM. The Lessee is liable if during the rental period for the rent object resulted damages or missing inventory. This also encloses the liability for fire damages caused by negligently.


Within the handing over the inventory, we will hand you an inventory list and we will review it with you. Later complaints would not be accepted. The registered objects should be available again intactly and without damage at the time of final inspection. The tenant is responsible for the loss or damage.
As advance information we publish on this website a standard inventory. However, this is purely informative, non-binding and shows no contract basis.

Bed linen and towels

We provide  (stay up to maximum 45 days) bed linen and towels for the arriving guests (maximum 4 in LG RESIDENZ I or 6  people in LG RESIDENZ II). These are  changed weekly. By a longer-term renting, please bring your own bed linen and towels. Then there is no cleaning on our part.
Please note that you only may use them inside the bungalow. For the beach or the pool area please bring your own towels.

Heating and cooling in your holidays accommodation

In our holiday's lodgings there is an air-conditioning with a cooling and heating function. However, we cannot assure a completely correct functionality and which does not entitle a reduction of the rental in case of non-functioning. Provided that this is required the use of additional devices, the company is not obliged to make them available. In any case, please note that the allowed maximum load of the electric equipment is not crossed. The costs of obtaining the heating or cooling devices for the company it is not component of the rent remuneration and is to be paid separately.

TV and cable-TV

In our holiday's lodgings there is a TV device and receive the international channels through a cable-system. However, a generally correct functionality cannot be assured and does not entitle a reduction of the rental in case of non-functioning.

Holidays accommodation cleaning / disposal of garbage

On your arrival you will find a clean and tidy holiday's lodging. Independently of your period of stay, the rent object is to return cleaned and also tidy. All garbage is to be disposed into the respective containers at the camping place. We do not provide an intermediate cleaning on our part and does not form part of the rental agreements. Please read the rule for the check out in the accommodation. Otherwise a fee will be charged for a final cleaning at least 60 EUR. The specific amount of the charges may be set by the person responsible dependent on the dirt at the time of inspection and is due immediately.


Smoking is strictly not permitted in our lodgings.

Baby set

Please, inform us if you need a cot. Availability is not guaranteed.


The use of a grill is in principle permitted on site. Restrictions (e.g., the use of a gas grill) must be extracted from the house regulations on site and complied with. We provide a gas grill for your stay.

Entertainment programme

The animations are usually free of charge (subject to exceptions) and accessible to every guest in the resort. The resort operator takes the decision in particular cases. They are offered all in the main season during the day and/or in the evening.
You may be asked to identify yourself by a  bracelet as a guest in the resort. Here are valid, in any case, the conditions of the resort and therefore those of a third party. Please inform yourself on site.

The pool-, sports-, animation- and spa facilities

If a pool is denominated "heated", this does not mean that the pool is heated at any stage of the year. The operator of the resort takes the decision.
Only the operator of the resort is responsible for the use of the installations and his conditions are valid. Please, make yourselves familiar on site with it and obey this. The liability on the part of the LG Residency Management GmbH is excluded.
As a tenant of one of our accomodation you have per day and per person an entry into the spa area, wellness area and fitness area. Please set up an appointment in advance on site. As this service is provided by a third party, we cannot accept any responsibility or liability.
Indoor Pool is free one time per person/ per stay.

Bathing clothes in the pool and in the SPA- area

Wearing swimming trunks or a bathing suit (if necessary other bathing clothes like bikini etc.) is a duty in the pools and other spa facilities. Boxers, underwear and not adequate clothes are strictly forbidden. Only slim fit swimming trunks may be carried. The house regulations and the hygiene regulations must be observed. The conditions of the resort apply. Please acquaint yourself with it.
SPA is free one time per person/ per stay.


Bringing pets is not permitted.

Min & Junior clubs

Please check on site the opening hours, events and regulations. Please note that your have to take care of your children.


There are washing maschines and dryers on site to be used with EUR coins.

Maximum number of people in a accomodation

For security reasons and insurance reasons it is forbidden to exceed the maximum permissible number of inhabitants for a lodging type.
The responsible person on location will refuse the admission of the people whom these maximum number exceed also if the payment of an extra charge is offered. Any infringement of this rule can lead to cancel the contract without notice, which excludes a refund of the rental price. The decision is made by the responsible person for LG Residency Management GmbH.
The person who made the booking must be at least 18 years old, be juridical fully competent according to our general rent terms and to verify the accuracy and veracity of the information.

Theft/damage to property

To avoid unpleasant surprises like theft or the material damage of personal objects, the windows and doors must be always closed when leaving the  home. Leave no objects of value inside the home. We assume no liability for stolen personal objects!
If you are involved in a theft or a material damage of a property of LG Residency Mangement GmbH by improper use of the rented object (e.g., open doors and or window, storage of objects outside the home ), you are liable for the damage and we reserve ourselves to assert claims.

Formalities for stays abroad

Please, consult the website of the Foreign Office about the topical regulations in the country of stay.
NOT TO BE FORGOTTEN: Get from your health insurance company a foreign Health Insurance Card. Bring along always a valid personnel document to identify yourselves.

EU member underage must dispose of a valid passport or identity card or be entered in the passport of a parent or a legal guardian. In addition, for the minors who do not have the same surname as their parents, it is recommended to carry a polyglot birth certificate (available in the registry office of the birthplace) with them.

To follow: Unaccompanied minors must carry an authorization of departure from the national territory and a valid identity card (or passport) with them.
ATTENTION: The information to be found in this segment is purely informative and absolutely non-binding.  We kindly request you, enquire at the competent authorities (town hall, embassy etc.) to read the newest regulations before the departure.

Force majeure

In case of sudden disruptions in the legal agreement for reasons of which LGRM  is not responsible and are based on an unforeseen, non-culpable event and the contract fulfilment becomes impossible for LGRM, both parties are entitled to the resignation of the contract. In this case the renter is entitled to the proportionate refund for the until then rental period. Further claims for compensation, are excluded on both sides.

Sublease, cession

Without approval of LGRM, the tenant is not entitled to a sublease or cession of the rented object to any third party. A cession of the claims of the tenant is allowed only with the previous approval of LGRM.

House regulations

House regulations are posted in the  in the resort and can be acknoweledged on Please make yourself familiar with these regulations and make sure that, the inhabitants of your accommodation and yourself stick to it. The observance of the house regulations is indispensable - by a possible infringement against it, which leads to a dismissal of the tenant on location, this is considered as a non-fulfilment of the rental contract on behalf of the tenant, for which LG Residency Management GmbH is not liable and it expressly excludes a restitution of the rent payment. 


In the case of objections in the holidays object, exclusively the tenant is in the first instance entitled to a claim to remedy. If this fails or it is for LGRM associated with unreasonable expense an appropriately reduced rental charge can be made or moving into another holidays property of the same kind can be expected. If the stay is considerably affected and LGRM does not assist the fault, the Lessee is entitled to cancel the contract. If the tenant notice defects or missing inventory during move-in and does not announce this LGRM (note on the inventory which is valid as a handover protocol), all basing guarantee and claims for damages are cancelled.  A guarantee for the correct functionality for TV devices, Sat- as well as air-conditionings are excluded.

Limitation, restrictions of liability

All the directed demands against the tenant and/or LGRM shall expire within one year of the beginning of the legal statute of limitations. The liability is regulated accordingly of the Civil Code. This is not valid in case of deliberate or gross breach of obligations. 

Final regulations

Deviating Terms & Conditions of the Lessee become only part of the contract if they are expressly recognised by LGRM. The rental contract is the effective basis for the legal agreement. General rent Terms and Conditions in any case a part of it. A compensation against claims of LGRM is allowed only with indisputable or legally enforceable claims.

Competent authorities in the event of disputes or

EuGVVO ar another law, that this regulation replaces, applies.